How has it been going with Tip #4…being goal oriented?  Have you been setting some goals and working toward them?  Do you feel less overwhelm having your goals laid out and knowing what you are working toward?

Tip #5 – Be Trustworthy and Compassionate.

When you are trustworthy that means a lot to the people you are working for and with.  Compassion is so very important too.  When you have compassion for others they can tell that you are genuine.

When you are trustworthy your boss will find more tasks to delegate to you and will trust you with bigger and more important projects over time.

Keeping your word and sticking to deadlines will show that you take your work seriously.  It will also prove to the people you work with as well as your boss that you follow through and complete what you say you will and that it means something to you when you make those promises.

Nobody is Perfect

There is no perfect company or perfect boss.  It just is not possible.  There will always be something a company does that you don’t necessarily agree with.  And no matter how great your boss is, he or she is a human being.  They will have bad days or make mistakes of their own.  Have compassion on those days and do what you can to help them move forward.

By realizing that we all have times we are not at our best will allow you to give more leeway to your colleagues and higher ups when things happen and your compassion you show them will go a long way as well because they will show you the same compassion when things happen in your life.

Don’t be one of those people that complains about challenges.  Rather, be that person that sees the challenge and looks for solutions.  Don’t waste your precious time and energy complaining.  That accomplishes nothing.  Spend that time and energy coming up with ideas and helping others to overcome those challenges.  This will prove your trustworthiness and it will mean a lot to the people that are involved in the challenge.

This is the last of the series.  I hope you have enjoyed the series and gotten value from it that you have started to implement.  Let me know if there is any way I can support you in your career journey!