These are some interesting times we are in right now and each day we need to look at things in a new way.  That includes our skillsets as our “old normal” changes into something new.  You may find yourself looking for a new job with a new company, applying for another opportunity with your existing organization or adding responsibilities to your current role.

Transferable skills are general skills you can use in many jobs. You gain these skills from previous jobs, projects, voluntary work, sport, your home life, hobbies and interests. They enable you to be adaptable and flexible. 

Well interestingly enough, those transferable skills have now come in handy for your day to day life as well as your work.

You may not have thought about your life experiences and the skills you have learned along the way as being valuable to your career but they are.  The skills you have picked up even from childhood can be skills that you put to use to grow your value in your current company or make you more valuable to a new company.

You can uncover your transferable skills pretty easily by just listing things out.  This won’t be a 5-minute exercise so you will want to prepare yourself for a couple hours of working on it. 

Start from when you were young and the things you learned then.  Were you a scout, in sports, did you do a lot of chores around the house or family farm?  Think of your interests, the classes you have taken, the skills you have learned from life experience.  Reflect on your career journey to date – what skills have you developed?  And don’t forget those volunteer activities.  What experience did you gain?  All of these will go on your list.

Once you have that list you can form it into a document that showcases all you know and places you as an invaluable resource for your current job or a new one. You’ve got a database of skills and attributes for your resume, cover letter, interview and networking!

If you would like any help finding your transferable skills and putting them into the best light to support your career growth please reach out.  I would love to chat.