In the series on ways to use a Career Coach, we are going to now focus on transitioning to a new organization or industry.

You may love your career and want to just change the place that you work at.  Maybe that new option you are exploring has better work-life balance, more income, more opportunity for growth, or a host of other opportunities.

Or maybe you are interested in leaving the industry you are in and going in a whole new direction.

Either way, a career coach can help you.

You will need to identify transferrable skills, no matter your path.  What do you know that you can use in your new position?  What skills do you use currently that you can also use in a transition?  Don’t think of just skills you use in your current job, but rather your overall skills.  The skills you use in your daily life.  Maybe you are a mom, and you are fantastic at multitasking.  Maybe you volunteer and you are always put in charge of planning or organizing events.  Those are skills you can use in your career transition also.  Get creative and think big!

Networking is very important to transitioning within your current company or starting something new.  It’s all about who you know.  By meeting new people and making new connections you build relationships that can help in the long run.  You never know who someone else knows and can introduce you to.  Take the time to build relationships, help the other person however you can and when you are ready to make your move, talk to the other person about your plans and see how they may be able to help.  They may know someone in the career you want to pursue that they could introduce you to so you can learn more firsthand knowledge.  They may know a company hiring that you would be perfect for.  You have to build the relationships first though and that means networking to meet new people.

Coaching Tip: Become a student of the new organization or industry you want to join.  Learn as much as you can about the company you want to move over to, the job you want to transition into or the industry you want to make the shift to go into overtime. By learning all you can, you will have a leg up when it comes time to make your move. You will be one step ahead of the other people going for that same position and you will be able to move into the new position with confidence and ease.

A career coach can help you with all these areas mentioned.  They have the resources to provide that would take you hours of time to find.  They can cut your learning curve in half by being able to share connections and advice that will help you reach your goals sooner.

If you are interested in what working with a career coach would look like I invite you to reach out and set up a call with me.  I would love to hear your goals and what you are seeking to do and tell you how I would be able to support you on your journey.