In this segment on ways to us a career coach I will be sharing with you about the importance of having a career coach help you with your resume.

It may have been a while since you have updated your resume and it has changed as far as what employers are looking for now and even what format they want your resume in.

A career coach is a fresh set of eyes for your resume.  They can point out parts that you may have missed or help you to get your updated resume in the right format.

It is important that you not only show you are knowledgeable in your field of expertise but also that you have stayed up to date on the business world and how things may have changed over time.

Your resume is your marketing tool.  That piece of paper will tell prospective employers all about you, your expertise, your goals, and why they should make the time to meet with you and learn more.

You want to take the time to showcase your value.  That doesn’t mean embellish your knowledge, it means take your knowledge and show it in the best light.  Whether you are trying to advance in your organization, change industries or return after a planned or unplanned break, you have accomplishments you need to spotlight.  And yes, a stay at home Mom returning to work now that the nest is empty has plenty to bring to the table!

Coaching Tip:  A recent study by Indeed states that employers spend 6-7 seconds on a resume (initial scan).  What will make them want to look further at yours?  Answer: Make sure you have a strong qualifications summary!

A career coach can help you to ensure that you are coming across as a strong candidate as hiring managers are reviewing your marketing tool (your resume).  If you would like to talk about your own resume, I am here to help.  Just reach out and let’s connect!