Interviews can be so stressful don’t you think?  You are putting your best foot forward and trying to win over the person in front of you so you can get the job you are going for.  This may be your dream job which puts even more pressure on you because you want it so bad.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. 

A career coach can help you prep for your interviews, so you go into the situation calm, collected and confident.

One of the first ways to do that is to conduct mock interviews.  This is where your career coach pretends to be the person interviewing you for the position.  You will have to answer questions just like in a real interview but in this scenario your coach will give you constructive feedback so you can be confident in your responses and know that they are the best you can provide.

So often without this help we may freeze when asked questions and not even mention the most important pieces we need the interviewer to know. Ever left an interview and thought of 2-3 things you forgot to say???

Most interviewers are using behavior-based questions.  A great way to practice for these types of questions is to have your career coach ask you these types of questions and coach you about “the question behind the question” – what they are really after, so that you provide a strong response.

Mock interviews also help uncover bad habits (fidgeting, repetitive words used “uh, you know, like, etc.”).  Use this time to review attire and backgrounds since many first interviews are via zoom.

Coaching Tip:  Make sure you have strong questions for the interviewer.  Yes, it’s important that they find the right candidate. It’s just as important that you take the right job! 

Just like you prepare for meals, trips and activities, make the time to prepare for your interviews. 

Career coaching can help.  I would be happy to discuss what that would look like if we decided to work together.

Reach out and let’s chat if you would like to have a leg up in landing your ideal job.