Have you ever thought of an exit strategy? It may not be a familiar term. Or you may think it just relates to retirement.  

An exit strategy can be helpful whether you are changing careers or retiring.  It is a way of leaving your current situation and having things in place for your future endeavor.  Making sure the transition goes smoothly.  Thinking about possible pitfalls and potholes.  For those retiring, it may include mentoring and developing someone to take over your role.

If you are currently an entrepreneur or plan to become an entrepreneur, it is important to have your exit strategy.  Consider how that will look.  Do you know if you are passing the business to someone else when you retire?  Got a succession plan?  Or will you be selling or dissolving the business?  How will things look if something unexpected happens (illness, death, etc.).

Here are a couple of examples… I’ve coached a burned-out, miserable corporate professional who wanted out.  She was able to create a plan to leave her job and design a successful real estate career that she’s been in for over 10 years.  I coached another client who successfully transitioned to retirement after a 45-year high-octane career.  His first month of retirement consisted of gazing at his computer monitor for hours each day.  With coaching, he designed a fulfilling new season that he still enjoys!

If you are planning a change in the new year, an exit strategy should be on your to do list as soon as possible. Sit down and figure out what that will look like, who may be involved, and how long you will need to get everything in place (including a budget).

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

~Eleanor Roosevelt

Wishing you and yours a Christmas filled with the grace, peace, joy and love of Christ and a New Year filled with God’s blessings!!!