What are the hot jobs in the new decade?

Happy New Year and Happy New Decade!  Time sure does seem to fly doesn’t it?

Top 10 Most Popular Jobs Today

I hope you have big plans for your career in 2020 but if you are still wondering what your next step will be or what your “hot job” of the future will be, here is what the experts are saying.

The top 10 most popular jobs currently are:

  1. Search Marketing Strategist
  2. Music/Instrumental
  3. Food Service Managers
  4. Compensation, Benefits and Job Analysis Specialists
  5. Training and Development Specialists
  6. Computer-Controlled Machine Tool Operators, Metal and Plastic
  7. Vocational Education Teachers, Post-Secondary
  8. Janitors/Cleaners
  9. Radio, Cellular and Tower Equipment Installers/Repairs
  10. Rehabilitation Counselors

To be considered a hot job, an occupation must be projected to show growth in employment, be among the 30 occupations with the highest projected demand for workers and have an average wage above the median wage across all occupations.

Top 5 Job Growth Categories by 2025

What about the future?  Fast Company shared some of the strongest job-growth categories and related jobs by 2025.  The categories are defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and other sources–that relate to them.

Category #1:  Technology and Computational Thinking – the ability to manage the massive amounts of data we process individually each day, spot patterns, and make sense out of all of it–will be valued.

Related jobs include: Software Developer, Computer Systems Analyst, Market Research Analyst and Marketing Specialists.

Category #2:  Caregiving – As more people live longer, every aspect of the health care sector is poised for growth.

Related jobs include: Medical Technicians, Physical Therapists and Workplace Ergonomics Experts.  Support jobs related to care giving such as Medical Secretaries and Medical Assistants will also be in demand.  Veterinarians are in demand too!

Category #3:  Social Intelligence and New Media Literacy – soft skills, like social and emotional intelligence, cross-cultural competency and virtual collaboration are valuable.

Related jobs include:  Retail and other Sales Representatives, Marketing Specialists and Customer Service Representatives.

Category #4:  Lifelong Learning – we will need to shift how we learn as the world changes.

Related jobs include:  Teachers and Trainers

Category #5:  Adaptability and Business Acumen – knowing how businesses work is essential.  Or if you work for a company it is important have a strong understanding of how it operates.

Related jobs include: Management Analysts, Accountants and Auditors.

One of my favorite sites is ONet Online:  https://www.onetonline.org/.  It is sponsored by the Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration.  You can find so much great information on this site to help you with your next career step including skills needed, training requirements, salary ranges, etc. It’s a great site for career exploration and job analysis.

Are you currently in a career in what is considered a hot field? If not, do you want to be?  Do you know the steps you need to take to move closer to your goal? 

I would be happy to help you figure out your next career step and put together a plan with you on how to achieve it.  If you are interested, just set up a time to chat and we can explore career options, create goals and cast a vision for the future.