It’s a brand-new year! What do you aspire to do in 2022? Kind of a catchy phrase, huh?

Many people ask the age-old question of “what resolution did you make this year?” Well resolutions can be a bit deceiving. Most times we choose the same thing year after year…lose weight, eat healthier, start exercising etc. and then little by little we drop those “resolutions” as they don’t fit into what we really want for ourselves or what we choose to do. We just selected them because they fit the “box” that everyone else is checking off on their list.

Goals on the other hand are attainable. These are things that you are sitting down and really thinking about. Goals are things that we really want to do for ourselves. The things that we are choosing to do to make our lives what we want. The things that help us continue to grow and develop.

Schedule a time for a mini retreat with the Lord and yourself. Start by reflecting on the past year. What went well, what would you like to change, what do you want to stop doing all together or gradually move away from? What is the Lord saying to you?

Next, on a sheet of paper, list out all the things you want to accomplish this year. Ask the Lord for guidance. Make sure to break down your goals so they are achievable in steps. You want to keep the motivation going by seeing progress each week toward your goal.

Track the steps you want to do with the dates you think are reasonable to reach those goals by. If you don’t achieve what you had written down by the date it is ok to extend that date. The date isn’t written in stone but rather is a date to work toward. This will keep you moving forward in your goals, and you will stay motivated by seeing the accomplishments you have made toward your goal already.

Find someone to hold you accountable. A friend or a coach. Set a scheduled time to check in.

This plan isn’t something that is irreversible or unchangeable. It is an outline to follow so that you can continue to reach your goals at a steady pace and keep them on top of your mind. If planning out the entire year is too much plan the first quarter, then the next. Recently, I gave a client an assignment of planning the next 100 days. She loved that idea!

Remember, have fun with your goals and enjoy the process and the journey to reaching them. Take advantage of a complimentary New Year’s Jump Start Coaching session if you need it.

Happy New Year!