Now that we are into the first month of the year, I want to ask if you have made a plan for the year.

I like to plan things out so I have an outline of what I want to accomplish over the year and can work toward that.

This plan isn’t something that is irreversible or unchangeable.  It is an outline to follow so that I can continue to reach my goals at a steady pace and keep them top of mind so that I am always doing things that are going to help me to reach them.

A way to plan is to take a piece of paper and draw three columns on it.  The first column is personal goals, the second is business goals, and the third is financial goals.

Now list your goals that you have determined for each one and your action steps as well with your dates like I explained in the earlier blog this month. 

This will keep you on track because you are going into a bit more detail. 

You also want to have a calendar handy that you can write all your dates on and action steps.  This is a calendar that you will have hanging in front of you or on your desk that you look at every day. 

When you are reviewing your activities or planning activities,  I want you to ask yourself if this activity is something you will enjoy, something that will help you grow, or something that will help you reach your goals.  If it is not then you want to take it out of your plan. 

Make the plan for 2012 one that helps you to move forward and not one that helps you help everyone else move forward instead.