Are you as excited as I am that we are in a new year?  Happy 2021!  I think we are all ready for a new year and lots of wonderful changes and improvements in the world.

While 2020 certainly had its fair share of challenges, probably more so than any other year in the recent past that we can remember, I feel it also had a positive aspect to it.  The lockdowns forced us all to re-evaluate how we were spending our days.  Working from home forced those of us that didn’t work from home previously to experience what that life is like (and I’m sure you now have a very different outlook on those work from home moms don’t you😉).

We realized that the things we were spending our time and money on previously weren’t always all that important (think Starbucks stops every day) and we took a good hard look at our work and saw that there were better ways to accomplish our tasks that we hadn’t realized before.  Ways that lowered overhead and made us more productive as well.

So now we are in a new year and maybe you set resolutions for it, but I don’t really go for resolutions.  I much prefer goals that you set throughout the year and go after little by little.  It makes achieving those goals possible and not overwhelming.

I’m sure you have heard the stats about new year’s resolutions, but I am going to share them with you anyway😉. 92% of people don’t keep their resolutions past the first month.  Ever wonder why?  I think it is because we set these big changes for ourselves and it gets exhausting trying to get them into our days.  I think that making small changes a little at a time is a much better way to go about creating change.

That’s why I feel that having a theme for the year that you can use one word to describe is a better way to go. 

What do you want to focus on in 2021?  What common thread will weave its way throughout your life?  What do you want to be about each and every day?

Here are some ideas for you that past clients have used to describe their theme for the year:

  • Wisdom
  • Purpose
  • Simplicity
  • Organization
  • Truth
  • Peace
  • Patience
  • Joy
  • Imagination

A fun idea also, is to take your word and create some artwork around it that you can frame and hang on your wall so you look at it every day, find joy in the art, and remember the change you are determined to make.

Make your theme a question.  At the end of the day or week, ask yourself how you demonstrated that theme.  For example, “How did I show joy today?  How did I practice simplicity today?”  Or, create questions to assess decisions you need to make – questions like, “Will doing this allow me to operate in my purpose?  Will this decision hinder my ability to operate in truth?”

So, what do you have in mind for your year?  I would love to hear the word you chose.  Remember to take that word, look at your goals for that word, and break it down into small, manageable ways to create the change you want.  Feel free to share it with me, and if there is any way I can support you on your journey this year, please reach out.  I look forward to hearing from you!