What Makes a Good Leader?You know the difference between a good leader or boss and a bad one.  The bad ones are egotistical, while the good ones lead by example, admit when they are wrong and recognize the strengths of their team.

This doesn’t mean they are insignificant or inferior.  Rather it means they are respectful of the people they work with.

Ethical leaders do the right thing, even if it’s inconvenient or unpopular.

Power in today’s world is not power over something, but rather power that energizes and connects people.  You build power, not by ordering people around, belittling people or threatening people, but by finding common ground and opening up to new possibilities that can work through cooperation and trust.

So what is leadership? “Leadership is the art of leading others to deliberately create a result that wouldn’t have happened otherwise.”

Good leaders are able to create results by enlisting the help of others. They can turn failing companies into Fortune 500 organizations. They can change company cultures. Good leadership is an essential key to success.

What makes a good leader?

Self-Awareness.  You know your strengths and weaknesses. You know when you’re working in flow and when you’re over worked and need a break.

Self-Direction. You know how to get things done, organize tasks and avoid procrastination. You know how to generate energy for projects, and to calm yourself when you are upset. You can make decisions quickly when necessary, but also consider all the options on the table.

Vision. You’re working towards a goal that’s greater than yourself. This is far more inspiring than working for personal gain.

Ability to Motivate. Leaders don’t lead by telling people what they have to do.  When you are a good leader people want to help. This happens by you helping others and they in turn help you.

A leader who understands what drives the bottom line is valuable. Yet it’s the leader who can get others to perform at their best that creates winning organizations.

Do you have the qualities of a good leader?  Do you see anything you need to improve on?  Food for thought…