What Value Do You Bring to the TableMost people spend their days trudging along, doing what they have to do, doing what they are good at even but not necessarily realizing their worth.

They know they are good at their job but couldn’t tell you why.  They couldn’t tell you in a quick 30 seconds what makes them unique and why.

This is not the way to go through life.  This is not the way to be fulfilled in your job.

So why take notice?

  • You can use it when asking for a promotion
  • You can use it when looking for a new position at a different company
  • It will make you feel good

Being aware of the value you bring to the table with your skills and talents is not tooting your own horn.  It is being mindful of your contribution to the world.

Some ways to do this:

Keep a wins list – write down at least 3 wins at the end of each day.  You will soon see how much you accomplish and what you are truly great at.  This is also a great thing to flip back through whenever you are doubting yourself or having a bad day.  It will instantly shift your mood and put you in a better place.  It will instantly remind you of the impressive, and awe inspiring things that have happened to you along your journey.  It will instantly make you proud of your hard work and skills.

Create a portfolio – Put together on nice paper your accomplishments and the details around them.  Then put them inside sheet protectors and keep in a special Career Portfolio binder.  This is what you will take in to your boss when asking for a promotion or take with you on an interview to show your skills and accomplishments to a new company you would like to be a part of.  Be sure to include all the important details around the accomplishment.

By doing these two things you are in essence creating a calculator of your career return on investment.  You are creating something that can not only prove to yourself in times of doubt that you are amazing at what you do but you will also have something that you can showcase to the decision makers that will make you stand out from the crowd and be noticed.

Have fun with both tasks and I would love to know how you make out and even see a glimpse of your portfolio or wins!  Feel free to email me and share!