If you are a CSI fan you know the song… Who are you??? That’s what the CSI team specializes in — figuring out who the deceased person or perpetrator is and what they are all about. The team puts all the pieces together to solve the mystery in front of them.

I have the same question for you. Who are you? Do you know how you are wired? How has God fearfully and wonderfully made you? Here are the things you should know about yourself:
Personality – Whether it’s Myers-Briggs, DiSC, PeopleMap or something else, it is important to know what your personality is. Knowing your personality will identify your natural strengths and Achilles’ heel (weaknesses and blind spots). I also refer to them as growth areas. One of your goals should be making your Achilles’ heels learned or developed strengths.
Skills/Talents – A talent is the result of genetics and/or training. You may have a talent for cooking, a woodworking skill or you are naturally gifted in art. A talent can be possessed by anyone, Christian or non-Christian where spiritual gifts are only possessed by Christians.
Spiritual Gifts – Spiritual gifts were given by the Holy Spirit for the building up of Christ’s church. Some have gifts of administration, mercy, evangelism, leadership just to name a few. These gifts play an active part in helping us spread the gospel of Christ and they also equip us to be involved in ministry work both inside and outside the church.
Mission/Purpose – Just like GE, Ford, UPS and Humana who all have mission statements you should too! Your mission statement is what you are about. It includes your core value(s). It will give you clarity and focus.

Knowing who you are and how you are wired has tremendous benefits including…
Choosing a career that is satisfying to you. Whether it is the actual work or the work environment that means most to you, you can plant yourself where you will thrive rather than just survive.
Developing better relationships (personally and professionally) by becoming more understanding and accepting of people who are different from you. You can appreciate their differences when you see how their strengths and perception can help you.
Becoming a better leader and team member.
Improving communication since you understand others’ points of view, concerns and comments based upon what is most important to them. Instead of thinking of Betty Sue as a thorn in your flesh you may discover that she has a different personality type and see the strengths she brings to the table because of how she is wired.
Resolve conflicts quickly and effectively.
Conduct better meetings.
Manage change so that everyone is moving forward with you.
Become better in sales and negotiations.
Become a better interviewer.
Serving in God’s kingdom.
• And more…

Knowing who we are impacts everything we think, say and do. So, Who are you???

“He who knows others is learned.
He who knows himself is wise.” – Lao Tse

What’s Next?

How are you wired? If you don’t know with certainty allow me to help.

Evelyn is also available to provide workshops on teamwork and personality.