Struggles and Triumphs of Women LeadersWhen you look at female leaders compared to male leaders, studies have shown that women score higher on traits like empathy, influence and conflict management and have a light edge when it comes to being self aware.

On the opposite scale, women are less likely to be seen as demonstrating strategic vision and being comfortable with risk taking.

Now here’s something that makes me smile…did you know that adding at least one woman to a team raises its collective intelligence?   

And good news for women is that when top performing men switch companies, their performance tends to drop but when star women transfer to a new place their performance remains high.

So why are women so motivated to keep performance high even when they have reached the upper rungs of the ladder?  Because unlike men, they don’t feel safe in their position.  They feel that they need to work harder to prove themselves.  They feel that they need to never make mistakes and continually prove their value to the organization they are working for.

Don’t you think that everyone should have those same feelings of not making a mistake and continually proving themselves?  Can you imagine how much more we could accomplish?

I think that even though there are struggles, women leaders are the ones that are coming in strong.  They persevere and do what needs to be done and they don’t let conceit or entitlement get in the way of that. 

If we all worked the same way we could do amazing things in this world!