Have you considered what you really want in your life and career recently? What is working for you and
what is not working?

Once you determine those things you can make the changes you need to so that your vision, life and
career all line up.

Having a vision and knowing what you want to accomplish is important. This will allow you to plan for
things and stay on track to reach your goals.

Think of your Mission or Purpose as the “What” of your life… What you are about. Think of your Vision
as the “How” of your life… How you want things to look. A Vision is something you WANT to do. You
can complete a vision for 5 years from now, 3 years or 1 year. It consists of goals you want to reach and
it is the piece that allows you to plan for those goals.

Try this exercise to help you out. Answer the questions below in a journal or on a piece of paper, with whatever comes to mind. This is for your eyes only unless you choose to share with others so be honest with yourself!

*It’s December 31, 2024. What have you accomplished?

*What goals and tasks need to be done to reach that Vision? You can break these out by quarter if you

*Who can I ask for help to reach these goals? (This will be different people depending on your needs)

If you would like any guidance in this exercise or would like to talk through your Mission, Vision and
Plan, please reach out. Ask about MVP Coaching!